Why Choose The MOSFiATA Chef’s Knife Series

Why Choose The MOSFiATA Chef’s Knife Series

To a chef, there are few more important things than their knife. The knife is the gateway to a perfectly paired dish. Whether it’s using a Nakiri knife to craft a delicious vegetable side dish or a Santoku knife for slicing through meats for the main course, every chef (home and professional chef) needs knives they can trust.


Today, the focal point is on the MOSFiATA Chef’s Knife Series. This impressive series comes with all of the knives you need to craft splendid recipes in and out of the professional kitchen. Below, you will find some of the top reasons this knife series should be a part of your kitchen arsenal.


  • Everything you need in one series. One knife won’t do the trick. TheMOSFiATA Chef’s Knife Series comes with all of the knives necessary to prepare lovely meals. The series includes an 8-inch chef’s knife, a Santoku knife, a titanium-plated knife, a Nakiri knife,  a combination fruit/chef’s knife, Damascus knife ,a boning knife, a bread knife and a carving knife.
  • Top-tier material. The MOSFiATA Chef’s Knife Series is crafted using high-quality materials for durability and long-lasting use. Each knife is designed using Japanese Damascus Steel orGerman High Carbon Stainless Steel EN1.4116, some of which are coated with a super sharp titanium plate.
  • Rust and scratch-free. Thanks to the materials used in these knives, they are resistant to rust, scratches, and other wear and tear. This is essential for chefs who want to buy a knife that will withstand the test of time no matter whatrecipes enter their realm.
  • Aside from being made with top-tier materials, these knives are also designed with a triple-rivet design that firmly attaches the blade to the handle. That reduces the risk of injury and damage in the kitchen immensely.
  • Sharp edges. A clean-cut is something every chef dreams of. These knives are designed with sharpness in mind. With a thickness of 2.5mm and a hand-polished edge of 14 to 16 degrees per side, it’s a sturdy and reliable knife that will slice through anything with ease. As a bonus, these knives come with knife sharpeners to keep your product in tip-top condition.
  • Comfort is king in the culinary world. Ditch wrist pain and use a MOSFiATA knife, complete with a solid handle for a safe and comfortable wrist without the aches.
  • Don’t forget the importance of safety. These knives come with a finger guard to ensure no mishaps in the kitchen.
  • ElegancePerfect as a Gift.Last but not least, these knives were designed for elegance. The sophisticated and intriguing design is nothing short of eye-catching. Each knife also comes in a high-quality black gift box, making a statement wherever it goes.



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